Massages at EMBL

Does this sound familiar?
You sit in your office, your neck hurts and your back is braced?
And you do not have the time for a massage in the evening?!
For you I offer my mobile massage service in your company.

Relax on a comfortable massage chair and enjoy an effective back massage only for 12 minutes.

This short massage break will

  • reduce your back and neck strain

  • prevent tenseness

  • raise your concentration and energy


About me

Heidi Boxheimer, state-approved Massage Therapist.

In over 30 years I gained my work experience first as an employee and then as a freelancer in the region and the black forest.

The massages are offered  usually on the  first tuesdays of every month – starting 9:30 am.

A back massage for 12 minutes is 15,00 €.
You can get a single invoice or one for the whole year, if you want.

Online booking
You can book your slot online:

I am looking forward to seeing you!

Heidi Boxheimer